Share Documents Securely with MaiPDF's DRM protection

MaiPDF is a free pdf contents protection method for public people with free of cost and useful features. We provide services that allow users can have seamless access to the pdf files, and apply all kinds of DRM protection on them by "expiration limits", "print limit", "open limit", "session limit", and our special feature of "Fence View" which protect document sharing from screen grabbing.

Emails could be add to readnotify function, emails will be sent from [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] , emails will not reache to yahoo email accounts, and will be in SPAM for most email service providers, users need to either whitelist or add email rules accordingly!

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Short view of our application

Unlike other service providers, we do not hesitate to show your sample pdfs viewing portal, check these samples on our site from the main page. You can either choose to log in or go straight to the service without any login process. Sharing a pdf file could be done through “direct sending”, attached somewhere, or sharing online by a link or a QR code. Making the pdf into some kind of read mode by “copy, print and download protection”, beyond that , by we also want to control the user behaviours of “screen capture”, and expiring the view-ability after a certain time, this will stop the unwanted spreading of information. On ther other hand, you can also make a PDF like a campaign to share it online without limitation setting

Restriction setting on a PDF file
general view
The portal of viewer
MaiPDF mask that is displayed on top of your PDF files fi the mouse focus is moved away from viwer window
Advanced feature named Fence View to hamper screen grabbing
Tracking the activiteis of file accessing
Revoke access or Modify the orginal pdf files